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    need a sexy little rust bucket like these , fokkkk so badass :)

    — 2 days ago
    #rat bike  #rust bucket  #rats rule  #bobber  #cafe racer 
    "Silence is a true friend who never betrays."
    Confucius (via purplebuddhaproject)
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    "When you rest in quietness and your image of yourself fades, and your image of the world fades, and your ideas of others fade, what’s left? A brightness, a radiant emptiness that is simply what you are."
    Adyashanti (via ashramof1)
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    "My life is my practice."
    Ram Dass (via ashramof1)

    (via pill0whead)

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    "Changing yourself is not the answer. It’s the oppressor. You don’t need to change. You need to be restored to your original, powerful, true state of being."
    Alison Nappi (via venuschild)
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    "“Deepen and broaden your awareness of yourself and all the blessings will flow. You need not seek anything, all will come to you most naturally and effortlessly.”

    - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj"
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    "Being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe and everything to do with your state of consciousness."
     Eckhart Tolle (via purplebuddhaproject)
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Ahhhhh this is overly cute!!


    Ahhhhh this is overly cute!!

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    "All suffering originates from craving, from attachment, from desire."
    Edgar Allan Poe (via oyclu)

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    "Our inherently present wakefulness is not something we’ll find in the future, nor something we had in the past. It’s present ‘right now’. And it’s something that we don’t have to accept or reject. Don’t do anything about it: don’t adopt it, don’t avoid it, don’t entertain any hope or fear about it, don’t try to change it or alter it or improve it in any way. It is not necessary at all."
    Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche (via pill0whead)
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